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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 21, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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did the police officer go too far. we'll have a response from mayor fenti. and some residents are banned from putting u christmas decorations in one town. one resident says it's necessary to help fight organized crime. i read the story. it still doesn't make complete sense but we'll explain that to you. in our area, the federal government is closed today. d.c. government is not. federal government is. many major public school systems are closed as well. >> we have all of that information scrolling at the top of your screen and is available on before we get to the news of the day, let's start off with tucker barnes with an update on the cold forecast. >> it is cold out there. > temperatures are still below the freezing mark and giving it time, the sun will warm up the atmosphere and if you want to do more shoveling, some of the temperatures will
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jamp up around 10:00. baltimore 27, ocean city, 30 degrees. look at fredericksberg, just 16. in harrisberg only 12. and we'll have a couple of very cold night as head. here is a look at your morning satellite radar. don't worry about the snow. that's snow showers out to the west. that won't make it across the mountains today. some of the clouds will, so we'll go with a partly sunny day and there might be a flurry, but that's the worst of it around here. maybe in the mountains up to an inch of snow. a look at our forecast for today. and nds light out of the west at 10-15 miles per hour. i'll be back with a couple of minutes with more details in the forecast, including christmas eve and christmas day. as the east coast digs out, we're learning how serious this storm was. it caused six deaths nationwide. three of those in virginia. >> the storm threw metro off track and now it has reopened
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all 86 stations. bus service is back on the road with ai few exceptions. in the district the 60 and g 2 are not running. and in northern virginia, the 1, 3, 7, 8, 23 and the 24 t will not run. >> some amtrak trains on the east coast are canceled today because of the storm and long distance trains to the south and west face substantial delays. you'll find a ink to more information on and our team coverage continues with an up look condition of the roads with holly morris, but first let's check in with sarah simmons at the airports. >> reporter: all of the airports are back open this morning but with flight cancellations due to the storms, it's still having an
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affect even today. if you look behind me you can see a line of people. some people that were scheduled to fly out yesterday that had to come back and try again today because they were not able to get out. some people are just waiting in line and saying it's the first time trying to get out and not quite sure they're going to because the lines are very long at both of the airports today. at this point, an airport spokesperson is telling me they have the main road -- main airway or i should say runway clear here at reagan national. that deals with a majority of the commercial traffic. and then at dulles they have three of the four runways there. but still seeing a few delays and cancellations today. i spoke with a passenger who came here this morning, trying to get on an earlier flight but due to the lines here today, she missed that one and is trying to get on another one. >> i thought we would be real safe by getting here at 7:30 for a 10:00 flight. i thought that would be playing it extra safe. we didn't know what to expect.
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and then there is a line stretcng across the terminal and there is people outside waiting in the cold. i don't know what that is all about. so i'm glad we decided to get here early. >> reporter: and that's the best advice you can give someone, is to get here very early. also cck with your airline before you get here. it's possible the delays or cancellations can be given before you get out here and end up waiting in a line. and i was talk with an airport spokesperson who told me, it does take a while to get the runways clear. they're doing the best they can, getting the plows to get everything clear but they're mopping things up at this point and things seem to be moving forward here. but of course, let's check in on how the roadways are doing with holly morris. how are thing looking out there, holly? >> reporter: it's good and bad. it takes a while to clear all of the roads gin the magnitude of the storms on saturday. at least that's what the department of transportation officials here in montgomery
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county are saying. in fact they said admittedly it will take them until tuesday to address all of the roads. and that is definitely the case here where we are in silver spring. can you see this is a residential neighborhood. it has not been addressed and we have not seen a truck this morning as far as going down this particular road. update on our -- the last two that were stuck on the side, you can see the van is gone. they got the van out. they left the car. probably hoping that some of the snow will melt when they come back. and they gingerly left the neighborhood. let me show you some pictures from earlier this morning and it will give you a better idea of what a lot of people are waking up to. there is covered roads and people are trying to drive and when they get into trouble, when you're going straight, you think you're doing okay, but when you go to turn, that's when you might slide into a little embankment or there is not enough traction under your wheels and then all of a sudden your tires start spinning and you just can't get out.
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and that can be a little frustrating. this was one guy who actually said, before he went up there, he was like, oh, i won't have any problem with this, i've dealt with snowstorms before and after he got stuck i said hey, man, what happened. >> i was trying to take it slower because it was slippery, but i just -- i got in a thick spot and it started to spin and when i went to back up, i missed my three-point turn. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the only thing that was turning was his wheels and they were going nowhere. luckily a neighbor came out and helped him dig out. so the questiif you do find yourself stuck, what do you do? obviously if you have a four- wheel-drive. >> want to put it in a drive: don't slam on the accelerator. you want to do it slowly.
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and make sure you have sand, salt or a piece of old carpet because you can put it under the wheels spinning and that will help you get traction. and some people like to rock back and forth and go forward and go back and that will kind of get you over the hump. i want to show you, you can see the one car midway up the road looks like its pulling out the driveway. that's what i meant by people trying to pull out and turn and they're stuck and can't go anywhere. it's still treacherous out there and they still need time for the crews to get out here into the neighborhoods. so expect to have a little bit of a challenge this morning. back to you guys. >> all right, holly. thank you very much. we're just outside of the studios here in northwest washington. and we told you we wanted to demonstrate a new product. we have phil cat ron, the founder of natural lawn of
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america located in fed rick, maryland and the name of the product is natural alternative ice melt. and this is a blend of a bunch of different things because most of what we put down on the road has a lot of chemicals and salt which have very corrosive. >> correct. and especially the ones that contain urea can create problems. >> what is this this? >> a calcium sol fate and chloride. and they limit the temperature down to minus 12 degrees whereas your rock salt only goes down to 20 degrees. so this gives us an idea how deep the snow is and how hard the ice is in terms of how far the temperature can melt the ice. >> we heard about it and we wanted to demonstrate it. we have a patch of ice here.
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you just pour it out. it's safe to handle? >> we have to pour it out. and you would typically have a spreader. and we get it down beforehand. because any ice particle or any salt particles, ice-melt blend, what it is trying to do is create a brine solution which lowers the temperature and that keeps the ice from forming and reforming. so we'll just sprinkle a little down through here. and we'll let this do its work and come back. >> that's enough for this area. >> that's plenty. >> and this is not going to completely disappear. >> this is not a blowtorch. >> but it will start the melting process. and is it expensive? >> no. this is about $6. so very user friendly on the pocket book. >> phil, you're under pressure. we'll come back and see how it works. and we did not pretreat the area but just layd it down on top of the ice.
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we'll come back out in just a little bit. nice to meet you. back to you. retailers took a hit. the blizzard of '09 came during one of the busiest shopping times of the year. many stores and malls were closed in part r all of super saturday. still too early to tell how much money was lost. store owns are hoping rally in the coming days. not all was lost this past weekend though. there are reports that online sales spiked because people couldn't get to the brick and mortar stores. some of the other big stories we're following today include a deadly stabbing near a strip mall in anne arundel center. police went to the 198 and clay road where they found a man in his 20s with stab wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. and the senate is well on its way to passing a health
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care reform bill. it would allow 30 million people who don't have insurance to have it now. republicans call the rushed response irresponsible. we'll have more after the break when we head live to capitol hill. we weren't the only one hit by this monster of a winter storm. we'll look at how other east coast cities are dealing with it. actress brittany murphy dead at the age of 32. the latest reports out of hollywood on what may have caused her untimely death. and back here at fox 5, our tree is trimmed and now it's time to pass it along to a local group that benefits women in need. and that is coming up this hour. fox 5 morning news will be right back. started taking airborne to help support my immune system when i travelled. but then i realized... there are so many other times my immune system could use help. sfx: [waaaaaahhh!] wife: guess who's teething? airborne guy: like whenever life gets a little out of control...
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welcome back at 9:14. we've been showing you our photographer jason smith's pictures. he is taking these -- it's hard to say with all of the new
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technology, he is using video from his camera phone. >> it's a live video freed from his camera phone. right now he's in oakhill virginia. >> i have a flip phone and not a fancy phone. but he's been doing a wonderful job, showing the conditions of the roads out there. we're talking about the side streets versus the major roads and jason has really -- thanks to his technology, been taking us into the real neighbhoods. >> he's following that snowblower. >> how would you like for that to be your assignment for the day. put a camera on your dash and drive around. >> but that's stressful. because he's trying to turn around in the turn lanes. >> that's it. so it can be stressful. and he has a four-wheel-drive vehicle so he's probably confident. be careful, jason. >> we're with you, man. >> because some of the side
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streets, it's not -- it's not melting. >> it's a block of ice ght now. the sun will warm up the surface and our high temperatures should be in the mid 30s so that will help. >> not a big warmup, but a little bit. i want to talk about travels over the next few days because i know it's a big holiday weekend. and people getting out of town. so let's talk about the rest of the country. and right here, right now, temperatures are still below freezing in washington. 30 degrees. humidity 51%. and there are your winds, nice and light today and so if you'll be out and about it will be comfortable. temperatures aren't too bad. cold in places like minneapolis, 19. and better in denver at 40. if you're headed to miami, it's cold. 54 degrees. they should be bundled up. 55 in san francisco, 54 in los angeles. i want to talk about our next storm system. the area of storminess out west of san francisco, just starting
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to makes it way inland that will become a major storm across central portions of the country into the middle of the week. so stay tuned here, but minneapolis, chicago, tort -- toward st. louisthere will be winter weather tuesday, wednesday and into thursday and eventually it will get into the washington area into thursday night and friday. so we'll have to keep a close eye on our forecast as we could have some winty weather in the form of freezing rain on thursday night and into friday before it turns to rain by friday afternoon. but there is a quick look at the five-day forecast and i'll be back with another weather update in a minute. >> it should be missy christmas morning. >> it might be ugly. >> thank you, tucker. well the blizzard of '09 left hazardous conditions further to the northeast. philadelphia saw record snowfall. this morning people there are digging their way out. buses, trolleys and trains are
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up and running but public schools are closed. drivers in new york are being told to proceed with caution. check out long island. residents are braving the freezing temperatures to get the snow off of their vehicles and out of pathways an off of their trains and railroads. they had systemwide delays for railroads. a tough site at boston logan airport as hanged had nowhere to go and nothing to do but slip. they say things will return to normal today. they got their snow after us. some passengers booked to leave saturday or sunday may not get another flight until christmas day. again things looking up at the major airports in our area. here is a live look from reagan national. this morning all the major airports are only reporting 15 minute arrival and departure delays. you can get up dates on we'll get you that live look at reagan national coming up. we have more now on the health care battle that is waging in the senate. democrats got the 60 votes they needed during a test vote in
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the wee hours of the morning. republicans are vowing to fight that until the bitter end. doug luzader is live on capitol hill with the latest developments. good morning. >> allison, good morning. and the senate will be back at it again today to try to wrap this all up by christmas. >> the motion is agreed to. >> it was a motion that had one republican looking toward a higher power. >> what the american people want to pray is that somebody can't make the vote tonight. >> reporter: in the end, every one of the 60 votes democrats needed were on the senate floor just after 1:00 a.m. here. >> with this vote, rejecting a system in which one class of people can afford to stay healthy, while north cannot. >> reporter: there are more votes to come today, with you after last night it should be a breeze for democrats. passage will extend health care coverage to 30 million americans paid for with big tax hikes and big cuts in medicare.
9:20 am
democratic leaders won over their last holdout, nebraska democrat ben nelson by adding restrictions on abortion coverage and republicans say his vote was literally purchased with the rest of the nation now having to pick up nebraska's increased medicare tab forever. >> we should have sent up a tent out in front and put persian runs out in front of it. that's the way this has been conducted. >> reporter: it does hand the president a victory, even if it's watered down according to liberals with a government run health care option scuttled. >> but does it achieve what we wanted to achieve? this is not perfect and over time it may be improved. >> reporter: but for now democrats celebrate a down-to- the wire win. and next year the senate plan, once it passes, will have to be combined with the house plan that passed. and the very shaky of 58
9:21 am
democrats and two independents could fall apart. allison. >> doug luzader live on the hill. thank you. >>michael steel and former house majority leader dick army are holding a news conference call at 11:00 this morning to discuss efforts to stop the democrat plan for government- run health care. a young actress dead at the age of 32. and right now officials blame natural causes. we've got the full story cming up next on fox 5 morning news. plus people pulled from the water after a christmas boat parade takes a tragic turn. find out what went wrong. coming up after the break. 9:21 now. time now for today's trivia question. what thegreatest amount of know to fall during a single storm in north america? 63 inches, 84 inches, 137 inches or 189 inches. we've got the answer ahead this hour. fox 5 morning news continues after the break. it's 9:21. 'syo dd yos 
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making headline this is morning. an 8-year-old boy is dead. five other people are seriously injured during a boating accident in san diego bay last night. a coast guard patrol boat ran into a recreational boat that was anchored to watch the christmas parade on the water no. one on the coast guard vessel was hurt. the cause is under investigation. questions are surrounding the sudden death of actress brittany murphy. an autopsy is expected to be on the 32-year-old found unconscious aft her l.a. home early yesterday morning and later died in the hospital. murphy best known for her roles in films such as includeless, girl interrupted and eight mile was feeling si over the past few days. she was taking prescription medication for flu-like symptoms. >> we come out and look at everything and any prescription
9:26 am
med that's we do take, we will have to analyze everything and go from there. >> murphy is survived by her husband of 2 and a half years screen writer steven mon jack. and tinsel and other decorations. >> for one town decorations are banned. wait until you hear why. that story is coming up next. plus all fun and games until a gun is pulled during a snow ball fight. the video has gone viral but it all happened here in the district. fox 5 morning news continues with this story and more after the break. ...or maaoomm? i have no idea. mooomm. i know that one. (announcer) some things a mom just... ...knows. like when they call for..., you turn to us. triaminic thin strips. each strip is pre-measured, so you know you're giving... ...the accurate dose of medicine, everytime. it's the number one pediatric brand ... (child coughs)
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it is 9:29 now. here is an odd story. all across the globes citie
9:30 am
are dolled up with decorations but not tc, italy. christmas dekor displayed is banned by law. it's all part of the mayor's crackdown on the local mob which he says typically steps up protection payments during christmas. the payments are carried out through the forced sale of overpriced decorations. violators of the ban face a fine and removal of decorations. so you're trying to -- you're paying the mob because you're forced to, but then you put the decorations up and get a fine from the city. >> but if they say that you can't have them, then -- i couldn't put them up. >> it's because of the onus on you as the shop owner. >> am i missing something. >> yes. as the store owner the mob comes to them and say you have to buy the rudolph for $800 and if they ban them, then you don't have to buy it.
9:31 am
you have an excuse. you're out of it. >> okay. mr. mobster, it's against the law for me to put these up, so i have to not buy it. but they say, oh, yeah. you're still buying it. and last night i bundled the kids up before they could go out and our producer found a picture of randy from the christmas story. >> i didn't want them to be cold. >> very cute. >> there is randy from a christmas story from years ago. >> you have to bundle them up again today. it is still very cold out. i think you can lose the scarf this afternoon when temperatures are in the upper 30s, but the next couple of days we'll have some warming days and by that i still mean
9:32 am
temperatures below average. it's a very cold night. each night dipping below freezing. so he refreezing will continue through the middle of the week. 30 degrees at reagan national. that is better than last hour. last hour we were 28. in gaithersburg in the teens. manassas still just 12 degrees. it is really cold to the south and west this orning. culpeper is 14 and down in fredericksberg it is 28. so chilly start to the day. sunshine across the area that should have bump the temperatures up above freezing in bigger cities like washington and toward annapolis over the next hour or two and most of the area should be a little bit above freezing later in afternoon so hopefully we'll can melt off some of the snow over the next couple of hours. i want to show you the windchills in case you're out shoveling snow. winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. so be prepare for a cool if not cold day. afternoon high temperatures in the mid 30s is still well below average for this time of year but we'll start to lose the winds and the windchill. so things should be improving throughout the day. we did have a few clouds coming
9:33 am
through right at sunrise. can you see those pushing across the beltway. and out to the west, we have an upper-level disturbance west of the mountains. and if you're headed in this direction, to pittsburgh and western maryland, you might see some light snow showers, maybe an inch of snow out there. but for us in washington, it should be a quiet day and once we get afternoon highs in the 30s, we'll watch temperatures plummet tonight back into the 20s. so when you get up tomorrow morning it will be a cold morning with everything freezing solid again tonight. high temperature about 37 degrees, winds out of the west at 10-15 miles per hour an tonight we get cold again. clear and cold out there. 27 for an overnight low in town. we'll do teens again off to the north and west. that's a look at the forecast. i'll be back at the end of the show with a look at the five- day forecast. allison, back to you. >> tucker, thank you. a snow ball fight in the middle of yesterday's storm turned ugly when an officer
9:34 am
pulled out his gun. and now the video of the incident has gone viral. at first no one knew the man who pulled the weapon was a police officer. witnesses say he got mad because a snow ball hit his vehicle. roz plater has more on the fallout from the stormy confrontation. >> reporter: the story is all over you tube. witnesses tell fox 5 it started with a snow ball fight between 20 somethings at 14th and u. on saturday afternoon. uneventful until one of the snow balls struck a hummer. and then a photographer snapped these pictures as a man got out and pulled his gun. >> these people were headed to the mall when they stopped to capture the scene. >> there is crowd showning and saying you don't bring a gun to a snow ball fight. >> reporter: someone called 911 and the uniformed officer that arrived put his gun away when they recognized the man they were talking about was a cop.
9:35 am
the responding officer appears to try to diffuse the situation. >> if you guys have a problem with it, ask for the supervisor. >> reporter: but when someone in the crowd asked the off-duty officer for his badge number. >> detective baylor all right. >> bringing a gun to a snow ball fight. >> reporter: even after other officers arrived, the off-duty officer continued to go aggressively toward the crowd. >> we wanted to know why the officer would do this and for the safety of the people, we need to hold the people accountable. >> reporter: mayor fenty told us the officer is now on noncontact status while internal affairs will do an investigation. >> expect there to be a full investigation and for it to happen quickly and for actions to be taken by the police department if warranted. >> reporter: i'm roz plater, fox 5 news.
9:36 am
>> police have confirmed that the man who pulled his gun was an off-duty police officer and in his own personal vehicle. no one was hurt. no one was arrested in the incident. our coverage of the blizzard of '09 continues this morning. >> still ahead this hour, we'll get an update on the airports from our sarah simmons and check out the scene at area side roads withour holly morris. and also it's been about, what, 20 minutes or so now. hey, it looks like it's working. so this is the natural ice melt that we were trying out. is it doing the trick? we'll check in in just a few moments after the break. e
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. we're outside of the fox studios here. once again with phil cat ron, founder of natural lawn of america, local company in frederick, maryland. and you've come up with a natural alternative ice melt so
9:40 am
it doesn't have the corrosive chemicals and the other things that you'll find in some other ice melt that's can be damaging to your sidewalks or driveways or cars and all of that kind of thing. so how long ago was it that we did this. about 30 minutes? >> 25 minutes. >> so let's take a look. i do see it breaking up. i see the hole. >> and as i was saying, as the pellets start to melt through the ice and they create a brine, you can see the wet moisture underneath and that will make the ice easy to remove now. >> and excellent. and when you say create a brine. >> a brine is a solution mixture of the different types of salts that are in the solution. and it's almost like pickle brine. >> i got you. >> and that helps lower the temperature. >> very good. >> and then it won't refreeze. >> so something like this, generally speaking, optimal conditions, if you want to use this affectively, when you know that ice is coming, you put it down before. >> ice or snow. just lay it down and then your snow will be removed very easily. and if you do have ice, it
9:41 am
won't freeze up on you which is really nice. it just stays wet. >> and do you have to put some on top again once you get the frozen stuff down. >> it wouldn't hurt. but no. >> and for a jug like this? >> this is running around $8 or $9. >> you can call us or go to the hardware store, john hopkins is carrying it, but our 800 number will work. >> we'll put the information on our website at >> merry christmas. >> thank you very much. i'm going right home right now. thank you very much. allison, back to you. >> thanks for the good guys here at home making a stop for us. our blizzard '09 coverage continues with coverage on the roads and airports after the
9:42 am
break. and the last of your ornaments on our christmas tree and then we'll hand it over to a organization in need. we'll be right back. example, t? does your phone do searches for "human" on the web, then google maps for places named "human," your contacts for any friends named "human," which would be weird if you had one. even your music for songs you forgot you downloaded ? droid does. search all digital creation. in a world of doesn't... iget our lowest prices ever!at toys "r" us! l creation. save big, this tuesday and wednesday only! 6am to midnight! plus, get a free $25 gift card when you buy a nintendo wii.
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we're celebrating good times in cuba. r & b pioneer good times, that was a song of theirs. cool and the gang played in cuba over the weekend, becoming one of the few amerin acts to perform there. celebration is their song. it happened despite washington's travel restrictions to cuba. even a snowstorm couldn't keep two of music's biggest storms to take to the stage for
9:46 am
reana and jay z. she even had low cut trousers. >> she's an island girl. and the not enough to cancel the showdown for the skins and giants tonight. workers removed some 25 million pounds of snow yesterday. and it wasn't just from the field. about 1200 people cleared the seating areas, ramps, sidewalks and parking lots. you can catch the monday night matchup on my 20. kickoff is at 8:30. and our coverage begins all day on we will stream a live update with mayor fenty on d.c. conditions coming up at 10:30 this morning. but before that, let's get a quick look at road conditions and the airport. first to reagan national where it is slowly crawling back to life after massive weekend delays. sarah simmons is there. >> reporter: crawling back to life is exactly right. this morning we got here, there were huge lines of people due to flight cancellations and
9:47 am
delays because of the huge snowstorm. you look behind me and you can see where the line was and where the line has progressed. so things are starting to move a little bit easier out here. all of the runways are open at reagan national. so some flights are getting in and out. just a few cancellations and delays here and there. the big word of advice though is they want people to call ahead to their airline and make sure that flights haven't been canceled or if it is delayed, what we're seeing this morning are people waiting in line and were missing flights to wait in lines because it has been backed up because of the last few days. so things are starting to get back to life and moving more quickly. let's see how tey look out there on the roadways with holly morris. >> reporter: hi, sarah. the moral of our story this morning has been not a lot of activity. we've been in residential areas in -- in silver spring, and
9:48 am
this morning we have not seen a salt truck come down this road. and it might be until the afternoon for the road crews to get to your road. we haven't seen a lot of life here. people staying home and maybe they're off work and kids are off school and they're not coming out. and for the people that are trying to adventure out on to the residential streets, you can see it's slow going. there is a car coming down the hill as we speak, sliding and taking it easy. if you have been parking outse, you'll need to shovel out, clean your car and go slow in the residential neighborhoods. so now that we've had our big snowstorm, guys, can it stay snowing on the ground until christmas and be spring on the 26th? >> holly, thank you. every year at fox 5 it's our great pleasure to partner up with a local group to pass on christmas tree lights and ornaments that you have sent in. it's a tradition that means a lot to us and we know from your letters and ornaments that it
9:49 am
means a lot to you and your homes too. this year the trees and ornaments and toys sent us to by retailers and publicityists are going to a group called dor ways and families. claudia coffey has more on the organization. >> reporter: walking through this door often means the beginning of hope for many women, children and families who need a safe haven while getting their lives back on track. they haven't victims the recent foreclosure crisis, but of a longer-standing problem. >> these are families that have not been foreclosed on or evictions. the families with us by enlarge have not had a home in the recent past and sometimes never at all. two-parent families who have -- are trying to get by in very undesirable locations and having job troubles and being able to maintain consistent jobs. >> reporter: this is one of the
9:50 am
program that's doorways operated with the goals of equipping clients to make it on their own. doorways helps womens and families in crisis. >> we have a program -- a domestic violence program where we have a safe house and 24 hour hotline for domestic violence survivors and court advocacy services at the courthouse and a program for ending homeless. >> this program can house five to seven families and where kids can play where parents work with taf to make a family budget. and kids get the chance to just be kids. goal is to make families in transition or crisis feel like they've landed in a safe place to call home until they have mastered the skills to help them walk out the door toward a better life. claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> joining us now, linda dumb free, executive direct of doorways for women and families. good morning. >> good morning.
9:51 am
>> it's our pleasure to hand this bounty to you all. >> fantastic. >> tell us about your organization. >> we have been around for 30 years and we're focused on ending domestic violence and family homelessness. we have two shelters in arlington county as well as 24 homes that we have, apartments for the families moving out. >> one of the things instrumental is when you started this because there wasn't this type of facility in arlington? >> that's right. in 1978 there was no shelters for anyone who was homeless, nor fleeing domestic violence. so a group of people got together and started it. >> on average, what are the numbers we're talking about? the number of people you take care of and was this a particularly difficult year? >> yes, it was. this past year we served 270 parents and children in our shelter programs and about another 900 we answered hotlines calls for for domestic violence and we turned away this past year about 900
9:52 am
parents and children who were homeless. >> and that's the tough part. >> yes, it is. yes. >> so we're hoping that the tree gives you some cheer. as far as your facility, you can give us an idea of where our tree that we care for would be. >> yes. >> we're hoping it will make some people happy. >> in that segment it showed the home and the inside and we have a wonderful family room where we have six families living and the tree will go in there. and the presents are get wrapped before we take them back and make some children very happy. >> and we should scoot over for a moment because one of the things you've seen us do all year -- or during the last couple of weeks is decorate the trees. we're very fortunate in that every year various people send us toys, sometimes it's toy companies and publicists but all of that winds up under the tree and goes to the charity. >> and you said you will wrap
9:53 am
them. this is not all of the toys. so if anybody is watching, this is not all of the toys. this is a small amount we've been able to accumulate. and we just -- p a few out to show you. >> i like this energizer bunny. >> i'm sure you can relate. and we've been asking the folks to put out a call for need in the last couple of seconds, is there anything you would need from our viewers? >> well we are in a tight spot. i'm glad you asked. we have a $15,000 match campaign from now until the end of the year so i do hope people will help us make that match. >> that would be great for the holidays to give. and in addition to the toys, we've been collecting ornaments for different organizations and from viewers and that's what makes the ornaments there. and we have a few last one. >> a lot ithe middle come from the fine folks at the beverly farm's childrens center in montgomery county and this
9:54 am
is headed up by shirley thomas bonnet. and girl scout troop 2109 from woodbridge, and rita's water ice. and clare johnson, thank you for sending in your orment. the ecken rod family. and ray john madison and anita center illia. >> and collins from hyattsville and katherine johnson, and thomas jones from greenbelt and casey sweeney also donating some of the decorations that we have. we thank you all for that and we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you so much. this is so generous to do this for our family. >> it's our pleasurement and it's made possible for the good folks out there. so thanks everybody and happy holidays. >> thank you. >> tucker has a final check on weather when we come back. and we'll reveal today's trivia question and the answer to that. stay with us. delicious pillsbury cinnamon rolls
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give off the warmth and aroma that will delight your family with freshly baked goodness. it's never been easier to bake at home with pillsbury's baked goods. so warm, flaky; it might be the last time chips and dip are invited back. savorings. in the freezer case. from pillsbury.
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back now with the answer to today's trivia question. we asked, what is the greatest amount of snow to fall during a single storm in north america? >> the current record is 189 inches. more than 15.5 feet. according to the farmer as almanac it happened back in 1959 in the city of mount shasta, california. 63 inches by the way is the record for the largest snowfall in a single day in the united states. that happened back in 1913 in georgetown, colorado. >> is that michael frank singing that song? >> i was trying to hear that. >> i didn't know he had a christmas album. >> everybody has a christmas album. and we are look ago head to springtime. the dates for the 2010 cherry blossom festival will run march
9:59 am
27th through april 11th. there will be fireworks on april 3rd. and only two people guessed the correct answer to the trivia question. they were pam and regina. congratulations. >> excellent effort. it would be fun if they could predict when the cherry blossoms will bloom right now. >> well we could place this bets, personal bets. >> and we have to get the clear guidelines. when when the is the actual peak bloom. not like the snowfall debacle. let's go to hd radar. if you're traveling, there will be a storm system across central sections of the country and it will be a big news maker by tuesday and wednesday and by thursday night, guess what, that storm gets here and you'll see on the five-day forecast -- there it is, that by thursday night, and by christmas eve we could have a period


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